Useful Language for Making Arrangements

Useful Language for Making Arrangements


It is crucial to use the correct language while making business arrangements. Here are some samples of a good business language.

Business Arragement
In a business arrangement, it'ss good to using a formal language.

Asking the day/time

What time is good for you?

What’s a good day/time for you?

Shall we meet next Tuesday?

What sort of time would suit you?

What day/time suits you?

What day/time would suit you?

What day/time would you like to meet?

Suggesting time / day

Can we meet on the 15th?

What about sometime tomorrow?

Are you available on the 7th?

If possible, I’d like to meet tomorrow?

Is Monday suitable/convenient for you?

Would 6pm suit you?

Is 5 pm a good time for you?

Would it be possible to meet tomorrow?

Do you have free time sometime newxt week?

How does 3 pm sound to you?

Suggesting another time /day

Could it be on Monday?

Is Tuesday OK for you?

3 pm will be a little bit difficult. Could we meet at 6 pm instead?

Would Monday be suitable for you?

I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it on Wednesday. Would we meet Friday instead?

What/How about Wednesday?

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