Product Designer Cover Letter Review

Product Designer Cover Letter Review

Product Design


This cover letter is quite proper and prepared as well as a sample can be. The qualities you have and the position you’d like to attend are stated clearly.

But actually I think this statement is not clear enough “hunger for problem solving designs.” If you meant the designs that are made especially for solving some kind of problem you should consider putting a hyphen “problem-solving”, which sounds a bit strange though as you’ve already tell about your designs. If you meant “problem-solving designs” you may put “especially” before hunger. “I believe that I can give you the best with my designs, experiences and especially hunger for problem-solving designs.”  If you mean your problem solving skills, you should remove “designs”.

Good luck.


Gulsum E. Gok
19 Brantley Avenue, Finchfield, Wolverhampton
United Kingdom
Phone: (44)xxxxxx

February 15, 2012

Dear Sir/Madam,

Having read the vacancy at xxx, seeking Product Communicator at xxxx, I would like to apply for one of these positions.

I have been through couple of internships that related to furniture manufacturing where I had to attend the whole design process of products, from concept sketching to bill of costs. I am aware of the importance of design communications and I believe that I can give you the best with my designs, experiences and hunger for problem solving designs. ???
I am currently a final year Product Design student (expecting 1st class) I will be a graduate in two months. I have always been interested with xxx products and design, I never stop developing myself in terms of design during my education, currently I am designing logo/branding for my University’s Exhibition.
Details of my qualifications and experiences are given on CV. Please don’t hesitate for any additional questions. I can be reached at (44)xxx xxxx or via e-mail.

Yours Sincerely
Gulsum Ecem Gok

Product Designer Cover Letter