Free cover letter and resume samples

Resume Formats
There are 3 traditional resume formats: the chronological, functional or combined. Depending on your situation, you may decide to use one over another...
Resume writing techniques
Before beginning any resume writing, you must be aware of the process by which employers receive, evaluate and select resumes to pursue.
Resume Writing from an Employer’s Perspective
Write a resume that produces job interviews. Having read thousands of resumes, let me reveal to you specifically what will make me call you for a job interview
How To Write A Transmittal Letter
A transmittal letter is a letter that is brief and business related. It is written accompanying another document. It includes the purpose and the description of the products,
Tips to Writing a Sales Order
Great sales order acknowledgment is a great way to step up the amount of customer's knowledge about your business.
Web & Print Media Designer Resume Review
RESUME REVIEW Appearance & Classification At the first sight I can tell about your resume is that the font size of your name and profession is a bit
Telemarketer Cv
RESUME REVIEW Appearance & Classification It”s not a widely-used to write uppercase in a resume. You may think change it. You should pay attention to text alignment and
Telemarketer Application Letter
Application Letter/strong There is nothing to say about the content of your application letter. It seems pretty clear and enough. There is neither any missing nor unnecessary information.
Technical Superintendent Cv
RESUME REVIEW Appearance & Classification Arrange the margins. The margin on either side are insufficient. Make your CV to covet two pages. So that your CV won’t seem
Technical Superintendent Cover Letter
COVER LETTERREVIEW Start writing Superintendent Cover Letter, after leaving some space after your name and contact information. There is nothing to say except for this. You’ve prepared your