How is a job application letter prepared?

Application Letter

Job application letter are the letters that people write with the aim of wanting job from companies. A job application letter consists of documents, CV and itself.

You can apply a job via telephone, internet or application letters. You should complete your preparations according to the application type that defined before.

If your application is in a written way, you should pay attention to these:

  • Avoid using unnecessary expressions and avoid giving extra information, as well.
  • You should write concisely.
  • Try not to do grammatical mistakes and no to write in incoherency.
  • All the information that your letter includes should be true and this is very important.
  • Try not to use exaggerated expressions while writing a job application letter.
  • If you are writing your letter through an advertisement, you can give information about that advertisement.
  • You should type your job application letters up instead of writing it by hand.
  • You should state why you write that letter and why your choice is that company.

If you apply a job via internet;

  • If you are sending a job application letter to many companies, never send bulk e-mail.
  • You should check your mail address regularly because responses for that kind of application are given most likely.
  • Don’t send certain documents by scanning because it takes much time to open them. You should state the certificates you have. You should send them by e-mail when they are wanted or you should take them with you when you are called for interview.

If you apply via telephone;

  • As everybody knows, you can correct the mistakes in a written text but it is impossible to compensate this situation in a person to person interview. So, you should get ready for the telephone interview as well as you can.
  • If you choose that kind of application, you should turn it into interview.
  • If the person that you want to reach is not a specific person, get yourself be directed to the personnel department and state your name and surname while introducing yourself.
  • Just like in written applications, avoid unnecessary sentences and try to answer things concisely.
  • Keep your documents with you during the telephone interview. They can perhaps want some information from you.
  • The place where you will make a telephone interview should be quiet.
  • There is an important advantage of application by telephone. You can define the interview time. So, you can choose a time when you feel yourself better.

How is a job application letter prepared?

How is a job application letter prepared?

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