Job Application Letter Basics

You were looking for a job and you found a job advertisement appropriate for you. In order to apply for it, you decided to write a letter for application.

Job Application Letter BasicsFrom an employer’s point of view, a job application letter can serve many purposes.

These purposes may depend on the nature of the job and the employer’s preferences.

The most required thing in an application letter is that the applicant should provide information enough to demonstrate that he or she is permitted to work legally.

The application letter itself is a test of the applicant’s literacy, handwriting, and communication skills.

A carelessly written job application letter might cause disqualification of the applicant.

A job application letter should be well-prepared and sent to the authorities with your resume when applying for jobs.

A job application letter should explain why you are suitable for the job, what your qualifications are and why you should be chosen for an interview.

It is also known as a cover letter It should provide detailed information on your skills and experience. It should be well-organized to effect the authorities.

First, there should be contact information about how the employer can contact you at the left top of the letter: your name, surname, address, number, email address…

The body of your letter should let the employer know for what position you are applying. The first paragraph should include why you are writing. You should mention about the job you are applying for and how or where you found it. If you have a mutual contact, add it to your writing.

The middle paragraphs should contain what you offer the company or employer. You should mention about how your skills and experiences match the job requirement, why you are suitable for the job.

Don’t write your all qualifications in your resume, just interpret them. Support your writing with evidences to make a good impact on the employer. In the Last paragraph, you should end your letter by thanking the employer for considering you.

Write down the information about how you will follow up. Don’t forget to give brief information about your physical characteristic, experience and social- environmental qualifications.

Job Application Letter Basics

Job Application Letter Basics

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