Job application letter for a drug store specialist

When applying for a position as a drug store specialist having a job application letter is one of the requirements of the employing company.

Difficulty: easy


The following should be included in your letter:

Contact information

This contains your information which the employer will use to contact with you in case of an interview. You include your name, address, phone number and any other contact information.

Your name

Street address (if applicable)

Postal address



This is the date when you wrote the letter. The date should be in full and not abbreviated like April 20th, 2010.

Recipient address

This is the address of the person you are writing to

Name (in full, not initials)

Title the person holds


Street address (if applicable)

Postal address


You use “dear Ms. / Mr. (last name)”

Subject line

Give your letter a subject e.g. RE: application for the position of a drug store specialist. The subject line should be underlined.


Here you state the details of the job application letter.

First paragraph

State the reason for writing the letter and where you saw the advert. E.g. I am applying for the position of a drug store specialist as advertised in the weekly magazine as stipulated in the advert. I am attaching my resume.

Second paragraph

You state your qualities that you think they are related and relevant to the position of a drug store specialist.

For example:

Having read your requirements you have listed in your advert, I believe I am the right candidate for the job. I have 5 years of experience as a drug store. I have good communication skills and I possess the ability to work under pressure.

Last paragraph

You thank the employer for taking their time to read your letter .e.g.

Thank you for reading my letter and please feel free to contact me with the numbers given above.

And also you could give them the date in which you will be available for an interview.

Complementary closing

Finish your job application letter with the complement “yours sincerely”

Type your name and sign it in between the complementary closing and your name.


Indicate the word ‘enclosure’ to show that there is an enclosed document.

Job application letter for a drug store specialist

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