The Content of a Job Application Letter

The Content of a Job Application Letter

The target of a job application letter should always be getting attention of the person to whom you will give your letter.

Why you want to work in that company to which you apply and why should be accepted to that job should be stated clearly.

You should have knowledge about the workplace. The easiest way is to search on the internet. You should express your strengths and qualifications proving that you are suitable for the position with a few understandable sentences.

Job application letter should be concise. (One page is ideal.) The fact that explanations should be understandable and definite is pretty important. It should be definitely written in a respectful way. It should be written as in the format and structure of job letter.

  1. The first parts of the job application letter should include name, surname, address, telephone numbers, and e-mail address, the full name of the person to have an interview, place and date.
  2. You should give information about the subject matter of the job application letter. Explain which department you want to work in. You can also give information about the given advertisement.
  3. It will be useful to collect information about the person with whom you will have an interview beforehand. After having information about the person, you should use addresses like “Dear Mr. … or Dear Ms. …” for the person.
  4. Give explanation of why you apply to this job in this session. You can mention about the previous advertisements and telephone interviews you had before. Express why you are convenient for this job. Don’t forget to mention about your expectations. You should aim at turning your job application letter into an interview. So, you should ask for an appointment.
  5. You should have your CV, job application document and other documents with you.
  6. As we stated before, you should type your job application letter via computer programs. You should type it on a type writer at worst and avoid writing by hand.
  7. You should prefer “Arial” or “Times New Roman” as font. The font should be same on the whole page.
  8. As in all the job letters, you should keep away from exaggerated fonts, colors and writings.

The Content of a Job Application LetterThe Content of a Job Application Letter
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