Writing a Letter of Credit
A Letter of Credit or Credit Letter is a document used for financial institution especially in trade finance. It provides inalterable payment undertaking. It can also be used for transaction payment, that is, redeeming the letter of credit pays an exporter. Credit letter are mostly used in international trade transactions
Writing Work Experience Letter: Tips & Template
A work experience letter is a document that is given by the employer to her/his employee, when the latter is relieved from his job. Tips & Template.
Basic Business Letter
Being able to write a business letter is a skill that is easily learned. It is effective in establishing communication between business associates in a professional manner in many circumstances. A business letter represents you and your employer. So it doesn’t matter whether it comes from you or your administrative
Writing a Complaint Letter
This tutorial will show a step by step of how to write a complaint letter a.k.a. letter of complaint. There are of course, sample letters and exercises but we intend to move on further into the difference that would depend upon each situation that arises in reply to faulty negotiations.
Business Formal Letter Template
You're looking for how to write a business formal letter, either in businesses or in dealing with personal circumstances? You have come to the right place.
Writing a Job Offer Letter: Tips & Template
A job offer letter is provided to a candidate with an earnest level of skills required to meet the set of standards for the job.
Business Letter Formats
Business letters are letters used for business purposes. The letters take the formats of either block format or the semi indented format.
Writing a Letter of Intent – Tips & Template
A letter of intent is a document outlining an agreement before the agreement is finalized between two or more parties. This document is considered as a critical step before proceeding to earnest negotiations. Provided below a template letter of intent to establish a guide. A letter of intent is usually
New Customer Welcome Letter
A welcome letter for a new customer is valuable for acquiring new customers, especially if your business focuses on personal relationship.
New Employee Welcome Letter
Before the new employee even starts work. you have an opportunity to enhance the relationship. The opportunity is a new employee welcome letter. A welcome letter for a new employee who accepted your job terms and supposed to start to work demonstrates the employee’s decision to accept the job formally.