New Employee Welcome Letter

New Employee Welcome LetterBefore the new employee even starts work. you have an opportunity to enhance the relationship.

The opportunity is a new employee welcome letter.

A welcome letter for a new employee who accepted your job terms and supposed to start to work demonstrates the employee’s decision to accept the job formally.

When you write a welcome letter to a new employee, he or she feels stress-free and the letter helps the employee feel he was welcomed and wanted.

By writing a welcome letter you can express your satisfaction with the employee’s choice and it motivates and encourages him or her.

You can reiterate the details (working hours, business dress…etc.) in your letter. Giving such details in a welcome letter makes the employee feel relax.

At last, you can end your writing with wishes that encourages him or her for working efficiently.

A new employee welcome letter template is below:

Dear ……… ,
It is with great pleasure for me that I welcome you as a new employee to (name of firm) I am very pleased that you have chosen to accept our offer of employment and know that this is the beginning of a mutually beneficial association.

We encourage our personnel to take advantage of selected courses that are available in this vicinity, in order to improve their skills and learn new skills in related areas.

The courses and their corresponding registration dates are listed on the employee bulletin board for your review. If you decide to attend one of these courses, please advise your office manager and he will make the necessary arrangements.

Once again, welcome to (name of firm)

Some new employee welcome letters are below.

New Employee Welcome Letter

New Employee Welcome Letter

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