How To Write A Business Letter

How To Write A Business LetterA business letter is a formal letter written by an organization that is business related to another business related organization.

It mostly involves their clients and customers.


There are many reasons for writing a business letter:

  • To order supplies from suppliers
  • To apologize for a disappointment
  • To convey a mistake that was done

Difficulty: average

When writing a business letter include:


This includes the name and address. The letterhead should be placed anywhere in the page.

The business address should be written on the top right hand side corner of the page.


The date in a business letter is very important. It helps to set the priorities of the company or organization. The date is written below your address and on top of the receiver address that is in between.

The address should be punctuated appropriately regardless of your layout. The date should be written correctly you should use the months do not abbreviate the date. Different people read them differently. E.g. use 10th January 2004 instead of 10 -1 – 2004


This includes the name of the person you are writing to, the title the person holds.

You should use the first name of the person i.e. “dear first name” followed by the title the persons holds this information always goes on the left side of the page right below the persons address after skipping one line.


This contains the message, why you are writing the letter and should be written in simple language that will be easily understood. It should simply be clear and with courteous language lest you be misunderstood. Make the letter short.

Signing off

When closing the business letter it is good to use “yours sincerely” is the letter is specific (addressed to a particular person) or use “yours faithfully” when it is generally addressed but in rare cases will you use this complementary close.

N.B: if the letter does not have a formal tone it is advisable to use regards or kind regards .do not use this in a formal letter.

Sign the letter and it should be aligned together with the address that is if your address is on the right side so should the complementary and your signature.

How To Write A Business Letter

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