Positive Response to Job Application

Positive Response to Job ApplicationWhen you see a job application letter which is acceptable for the position, you need to interview or meet that person who applied for the job.

So, you should write a positive response to his or her letter that expressing he or she can be accepted for the position.

First you should make a positive beginning that implies he will be interviewed, you can give date for interview.

Then you should write what impressed you in his or her application. In another paragraph, you can give more detailed information about the job requirements, opportunities and conditions such as working time, salary…etc. Then, you can end your writing with your best wishes.

Positive Response to Job Application template is below:

Dear (Mr/Ms ……)

We recently received a (C.V/Resume) and acover letterfrom one of your applicants, (reference number: 123456), (title + name of applicant).

The application was made regarding the position of …… (details of position) which is currently still available with us.

(Ms./Mr. ……’s) credentials and experience came across very strongly on paper, demonstrating the right achievements and goals that we feel are suited to our company and the position.

We would like to pursue the matter further by inviting (her/him) in for an interview.

Please telephone our HR department to organize a suitable time for the meeting with your candidate.

(name + signature)

Positive Response to Job Application
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