Writing Business Party Invitation Letter: Tips & Template

Writing Business Party Invitation Letter: Tips & TemplateAn invitation letter is formal manner of invitation for peer and clients to attend to events which will be hosted at the company’s expense.

It is great for inviting guest to functions were networking takes place in a relaxed, casual environment.

The introduction of the invitation letter is an introduction between the host and the sender themselves.

Equally applicable to the organization in which they have chosen to represent. A simple background of the individual or company will suffice.

The body outlines the important information related to the event. Include the date and time. Also, clearly mention the theme of the event and its purpose.

At this point, a date should be mentioned in which guests should send a reply by, and it may also contain any information regarding particular roles played at the event. Items of specification should include what attire and articles are required of the guests to bring.

Be sure to indicate all the dress codes of propriety for the grand event.

Write a gesture of appreciation that will demonstrate to the guest the level delight it would be for her/him to attend the event.

This can be completed with a formal note, stating that you look forward to seeing the individual at the event. It must keep in tone with the rest of the letter.

The end of the body should sign off in a line that nicely ties everything together, drawing towards a final gesture of enthusiasm for the coming event.

A few Business Party Invitation Letter writing tips:

  • Always send the letter of invitation in advance.
  • Begin the letter with name and address of sender and receiver.
  • The letter should state clearly its purpose in the first 2 – 3 lines of the body paragraph.
  • Letter should use fonts that are legible and professional.

Business Party Invitation Letter template:

[Company’s Name]
[City, State Zip Code]
[Telephone Number]
Dear __________,
[Company’s name] is pleased to announce a business gathering at [location] on [date]. The festivities will begin at [time] and will end at [time]. You do not need to bring anything to this party; the company is fully funding the occasion. Each employee is allowed to bring one adult guest.
Please contact [Name] to confirm that you will attend the function and to inform him whether you will bring a guest. We look forward to this time of fun and food, and we hope you will attend.
[Correspondent’s Signature]
[Correspondent Full Name Print]
[Corresponded Position]
[Correspondent’s Email]
[List any additional Enclosures]

Writing Business Party Invitation Letter: Tips & Template

Writing Business Party Invitation Letter: Tips & Template

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