Cover Letter Tips

Cover Letter TipsThere are some differences between hard-copy and e-mail cover letters. Main differences are:

Format: in e-mail, the signature block (address, etc.) goes below your name.  On hard copy, contrarily, it goes at the top of the page.

E-mail cover letters require a subject line logical and appropriate to the recipient. E-mail subject lines can make or break whether your e-mail is opened and read.

A hard copy cover letter can have a subject line too, but it’s on the letter (after recipient’s address block and before “Dear…,” and it’s seen after the letter is opened.

Signature: don’t forget a hand-written signature on hard copy. E-mails have no hand-written signatures, of course.

All cover letters must include:

  • An Explanation about why you’re sending a resume. Never send a resume without a cover letter. The reader doesn’t have to guess what you asking for. So always be specific and tell the reader that “i want a permanent position in your organization”, or “i am seeking for a summer internship opportunity” etc.
  • Tell specifically how you learned about the job opportunity. From a web site, a newspaper advertisement, a friend, etc.
  • Highlight significant elements of your background. i.e. previous job experiences, projects, education. Your experiences must be relevant to a position you are interested in. You can be as specific as possible, if required.
  • Show your attitude, enthusiasm, personality and communication skills.
  • Fonts: Use professional-looking fonts like times new roman, arial or calibri. Weird fonts like comic sans are acceptable only if the cover letter is of a designer or any other artistic profile. Do NOT use different fonts in the same document.
  • Avoid errors: Read your cover letter carefully and remove even minor spelling errors. Your document must be completely error-free.

Don’t forget: your cover letter is decisive that your resume will be read or not. If your cover letter is not well written, the reader won’t read your resume.

Cover Letter Tips

Cover Letter Tips

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