Samples for Cover Letter Expressions

Samples for Cover Letter Expressions

This writing includes effective expressions that you can use while you are introducing yourself and that will take place in first, middle and last paragraphs while preparing a cover letter/strong.

You can create an attractive cover letter by just changing the definitions according to your profession or using it to get opinion.

Suitable Beginning Part – Attractive and Confident Expressions:

“I am interested in the position of Personnel Manager in your advertisement because I know how your company give importance to the personnel and I believe in the advantages of being a manager in such an atmosphere.”

“If you are seeking a young, spirited, enthusiastic and interested Chemical Engineer, I am the best candidate for you.”

“I am looking for a position in international banking. I believe in that my experience in cross-cultural communication and my skills that are quantitative would be helpful for the international operations of your Bank.

“I am inexperienced in the advertising sector. I may seem strange but I am sure you will like me because…”

Suitable Middle Paragraphs: Extraordinary, attractive and confident expressions:

“ The French High School, Degree and Master Degree on business, One published book, 8 year management experience, very good at English and French, 36 year old and any other qualifications showing he is suitable for the job.”

“I am sure that my international qualifications and experience will contribute to your company in a positive way.”

“I have all characteristics, skills, education and qualifications you are looking for the position of Software Developer in your company. Your company which I follow closely for years has the qualification that I look for, as well.”

“I am really suitable for the position in your publishing house as required with my competence on computers, my work experience in broadcast life and quick work tempo.”

“I loved research and statistics in high school and I am strongly interested in them today. As a Boğaziçi University graduate, now I look for the opportunity to work in your company’s Research Department.”

Suitable Last Part:

“I am interested in building a career in your company which is one of the dynamic companies of Turkish Fashion Industry and I am looking forward to seeing your respond.”

“Enclosed you will see my resume. I will call you on October 23 to arrange a meeting time. By the way, if you have any questions you may call 3453453 and leave a message. I am looking forward to having a meeting with you in person.

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