Write a Simple Cover Letter

Write a Simple Cover LetterA cover letter is send alongside a C.V. This letter summarizes the content in the C.V but does not duplicate them.

It lists down your qualities and abilities. Difficulty: easy Instructions The following is a cover letter sample that shows what should be included in your letter Contact information This forms the first part of a cover letter.

It includes the information in which the employer will be able to contact with you. It includes: Your name: Street address (if applicable) Town or city (where you are currently situated) Postal or zip code Phone number (home/cell) Email address: Date The date should follow the format (month date, year) Do not use abbreviation as different people interpret things differently.

Employer’s information (contact) Name: (have the name in full do not use initials. e.g. Mr. Edward Richards)

Title: (the title is sometimes used when the name is not available)

Street address (where applicable)

Town or city (where the company is situated)

Postal code and post town Salutation

Your letter should be specific and you should use “dear Ms. . . / Mr. Last name”

Body of the letter

This includes the reason why you are applying for the job, why you chose that company in particular and why you think they should choose you not anybody else.

First paragraph Include your reasons for writing the letter. You could include where you saw the advert and why you chose that company to apply for the job. Second paragraph Include your skills and qualifications that are relevant to the job.

Do this in a creative way, remember that you are trying to expand on your resume and not to duplicate it. Indicate how it will be a benefit to the company if you are given the chance to work in the company. Write this in a convincing way. Give them reasons why it should be you and not anybody else.

Last paragraph You could thank the employer for taking the time to read the letter and inform them that you will follow- up on the job. Remember to include your contact details so that they could call you for an interview. Complementary close Use “yours sincerely” since the letter is specific. Signature It should be written in black pen or a blue pen.

Write a Simple Cover Letter

Write a Simple Cover Letter

Write a Simple Cover Letter

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