Curriculum Vitae (C.V) Template

A C.V is a document that includes the summary of your educational background as well as experience.

  • Difficulty: easy
  • Instructions:
  • The following is a template of what you could possibly include in your C.V

Contact Information

This is where you state your contact information and details the employer will use to contact you.

  • Name: (your name in full)
  • Address: (postal or street address)
  • Telephone: (if applicable)
  • Cell phone
  • Email:

Personal Information

  • Date of birth: (should be in full not abbreviated and should follow the format month, day , year)
  • Place of birth: (optional)
  • Citizenship:
  • Sex: (male /female)


This is where you include the reason of writing the resume. E.g. a qualified and certified nutritionist seeking to work in a legit well-liking organization and also seeking to grow in my career.

Summary Qualification

This is where you give a summary of the qualities you have and those that are relevant to the position. You also give your experience and responsibilities of your work in the company you were in.

Employment History

List your job history chronologically in reverse order starting from the recent one. You include details on the period of employment, responsibilities e.t.c example:

  • Company 1,
  • City, state (where the company is situated)
  • Period of employment
  • Job title
  • Responsibilities.
  • Company 2,
  • City, state,
  • Period of employment
  • Job title
  • Responsibilities
  • (And so on if there are any other)


List the schools attended. Include the date (which you concluded the study), name and address starting from the recent school attended, e.g

  • Graduated in Bachelor of Science food nutrition (2004)
  • High school:
  • Awards and honors starting with the recent one.

Skills and Professional Qualifications

This is where you include your skills and abilities that are relevant to the position you are applying .e.g computer skills, communication skills e.t.c


References are not included in the C.V they are written on a separate page and given when the employer requests for them.

Curriculum Vitae (C.V) Template

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