CV Mistakes

Cv Mistakes To AvoidAvoid These CV Mistakes

It is not an easy task to write your CV since you are supposed to show all your skills,experiences,background as well as many other things.

What makes things even more difficult is that at the same time you need to make it attractive. Considering these points it is actually inevitable to make some mistakes.

In this article you can find some common mistakes while writing a CV.

  1. 1.Typing Mistakes: Although it seems very simple mistake, unfortunately many CVs have quite a few typing mistakes. And CVs with typos do seem very amateur and give an impression that they are prepared in rush.
  2. Grammatical Errors: Any CV should be checked again from the point of grammar.ıt is for sure that no CV can be  proffessional with grammatical errors in it. And if you want the company take your CV into consideration you need to be meticulous about the grammar.
  3. Listing references directly on your CV:  You may seem having no self-confidence if you directly write your references. You had better submit them only when the company requests. In this section “available upon request” can be written.
  4. Writing a too long CV: When your CV is very long you can be sure that hardly anyone will read all of it. That’s why you should keep it to a maximum of three pages just by writing all the most important points avoiding details of your life story.
  5. Lacking a focus: You need to show you are the right person for that particular job. In case you do not provide a focused CV on that specific job, they will hardly evaluate your CV. It is better to customize your CV while applying another job. The companies prefer to see how and why you are the right person for that position in your resume for sure.
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