CV Types

CV TypesThere are three types of CV:

  • Functional CV
  • Chronological CV
  • Compound CV

Functional CV: If you worked in a company or different companies, you should use that kind of CV. If you had a break in your working life, you can use this kind of CV as well. Functional CV should be preferred by the people who want to emphasize their successes and skills. The candidates can present their work experiences under the areas they specialized in.

Chronological CV: There are not many differences between this kind of CV and functional CV. IF you had a break in your working life, you shouldn’t prefer this kind of CV. You should write all the workplaces you worked in and your positions with dates in a sequence. This kind of CVs include your skills, work experiences, your educational status, your objectives, the seminars you took part in and the certificates you had and basic information.

Compound CV: There is a small difference that you add your short work experiences. It generally includes your skills and successes. You can write your work experiences. Even if it seems as an alternative to functional CV, employers generally prefer chronological CVs.

CV Types

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