What is CV? How is it written? What should be paid attention?

What is CV? How is it written? What should be paid attention?CV is the abbreviation of “curriculum vitae”. It means “bio-sketch, profile, summary of professional life ”.

CV is used for job applications, and is a document that includes information about you. You can use that document for jobs, seasonal jobs, job training, part-time and full-time job applications.

The first think you should know is that CV does not provide jobs but job interviews for you.

So let’s give information on what you should pay attention to:

  • Preparing your CV with an understandable and appropriate language helps you to be understood by the employer clearly.
  • Avoid giving exaggerated expressions while preparing CV.
  • You should write it concisely.
  • The writing fonts are also important. Instead of writing titles and remarkable points in color, write them in bold or in italics.
  • The visual effect of your writing is important. You can give information about your marital status in the first session. For example; your name and surname, address, contact information, the date and place of birth, military service status for men and e-mail address.
  • The font size should be between 10-12. You can use “Times new roman, helvetica or verdana” for the font.

How is it written?

  • You can write your CV in at least three sessions. You can give personal information (marital status, name, address, contact information…etc.) in the first session.
  • In another session, you can give information about your educational status, the certificates you have, the seminars you took part in and computer skills.
  • Your CV should include a session in which you can state your job experiences and references. You can write your the workplaces starting from the last to previous ones. You should write your missions in the previous companies you worked. You can add the contact information of the people you show as references and their positions in the companies that they work.

You can add your interest into the session that includes your personal information, as well. Additionally, you can write your target career position.

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What is CV? How is it written? What should be paid attention?

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