How To Write An Appointment Letter

How To Write An Appointment Letter
An appointment letter is a formal letter written to inform an individual that he or she has been selected for a particular position in a company or organization. It is used to create a relationship between the employer and employee.

The letter should generally include details about the date of joining and the responsibilities the person will have.

A document of terms and conditions is to be send together with the appointment letter.

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Your letter should have:

A heading

The letter should be addressed to the person that is being offered the job . The letter should contain a letterhead. Skip two lines, then type the person’s address. The date is supposed to be in between the two addresses on top of the receiver address.

A salutation

You should use the person’s name because the letter is specific and it should be “dear first name” do not use initials in the salutation.

A body

The main body of the appointment letter should contain the reason for writing the letter and the following details

  • Responsibility of the person
  • Salary and benefits
  • Date of joining the work
  • Leave dates
  • Insurance if they are eligible for a company medical insurance (if applicable)

A summary

The summary should compose the last paragraph. In here you use a welcoming tone so that the person feels good about joining the company.

And sate that you will be happy to welcome them in the company.

A closing

You use the complementary close “yours sincerely” since the letter is specifically addressed.

This makes the letter look more friendly yet formal. After the complementary close, skip 3- 4 lines, then type your name or the name of the person in authority, then print the letter.

The letter should be signed in between the complementary close and the name by the person on authority.

This gives the letter credibility. The letter should be stamped by the company stamped signed and given a date.

This makes the letter authentic.


  • Write the letter in simple language that the person reading will understand it.
  • Use good font that is readable; this always gives the letter a professional look.
  • Re-check the letter.

How To Write An Appointment Letter

How To Write An Appointment Letter

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