Writing a Donation Letter

There are various types of donation letter templates that suit different needs of an organization for fund-raising. Generally, a donation letter format is written in accordance to your cause, principles, and the audience you are targeting.

Our main point here is to provide some guidance rules when drafting a letter of donation. These are generally valid format rules that apply to most letters of donation.

Keep in mind, you are writing to address the donor. It is best to main a modestly courteous and polite tone.

Here are a few tips:

  • Begin the letter with a salutation. ‘Dear’ is perfectly fine in this case.
  • The body is the most important section; you have to explain the reasons for your cause that identify with the organizations’ principles.
  • Be persuasive and connect with your readers.
  • Begin with opening statements related to your donation letter or write a compelling anecdote.
  • Focus on one cause or project. One project should illuminate all the good qualities that would reach out to your reader.
  • Be clear in your request that you are asking for a financial gift to your organization.
  • Explain why and to what use the financial gift will be put for.

Letter of Donation Template

[RSO Name]


[City, State Zip]

[Information of RSO parties involved if relevant]


[Name of Donation Recipient]


[City, State, Zip]

Dear [Name],

Begin by acknowledging what the core principles of the organization are. Identify and explain why their organization fits your guided purposes as well.

Indicate the purpose of the donating to selected organizations. Provide reasons and details that would describe why these organizations would benefit from these collected raised funds.

Provide names, date(s), and description of the events held that helped raised the target amount of funds.

Specify the amount of money generated for donation that you are providing to the organization.

Best wishes,

Hand-Signature of Participating Parties

[RSO President(s)]

[RSO Treasure(s)]

Writing a Donation Letter

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