Job Interview

Job Interview

The most successful job application is the one which was turned into an interview.

We will try to explain what you should do for an interview:

If you are have not informed for almost two weeks by the company, you can keep in touch with them to get information. If they say that you should wait a bit more, you should try to learn when you can call again.

If you had been called for the last interview, the first thing to do should be preparing for this interview carefully.

Before going to interview, you should practice on this interview with one of your friends or in front of the mirror.

You shouldn’t try to memorize what you will say in the interview. When you begin to tell what you memorized, this makes a bad impression on employer.

The first impression is quite important. So, you should pay attention to your dressing style, body language and punctuality.

This will give clues about your self-confidence to the other person.

Employers have certain targets during the interview.

These are having an idea about you, understanding your objectives and expectations, making comparison between what you wrote in your application letter and what you say and learning possible working hours, salary…etc which are not written on your letter. So, you should be ready for that kind of questions.

You should try to have more idea about the company. This can provide you to ask some reasonable questions about the company and this means you are interested in this job and company. Since it is not difficult to reach information in today’s conditions, you shouldn’t disregard this.

You can reach information from the newspapers at worst. However, if you have a friend or relative working there, it will be easier for you.

Don’t forget to take all your papers with you such as application letter, other certificates and documents.

There are questions that will definitely be asked so you should prepare their answers beforehand. For example; what is your salary expectation? Why do you want to work here? What are your strengths and weaknesses?

As we expressed above, you should be there on time. So, when you are supposed to go to interview, you should take many things into consideration to be able to be there on time.

You should behave congenially and sincerely. This helps you to have interview in a nice atmosphere.

Don’t forget to shake hands when you meet the person and when you are leaving.

You should have a small pencil and notepad with you during the interview. The fact that you are taking some notes while the employer is speaking gives the impression of being interested in that position.

Don’t look around or look at your watch during the interview. You should focus on the person with whom you are having an interview.
Keep away from a talk including your political views, social problems, religious view or personal opinions.

After the interview, you should send an e-mail of thanking. This gives a good impression.

Lastly, we can say that being excited during the interview is quite normal and it is generally tolerated by these people. At that point, don’t try to behave very calm while trying to suppress your excitement. This can be regarded both as arrogance and over-excitement. The person with whom you have an interview will create a stress-free atmosphere for you since he or she is experienced.

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