Offer Letter Formats

Offer Letter FormatsOffer letters are formal letters used to offer an individual a job. It is a letter used to formalize the job offer in writing . It usually contains confidential information like the basic salary and benefits of the person. The letter uses the full block format.

The full block format

This format usually has a left alignment layout. This is the address and the closing, signature and your name are all left aligned.



Sender’s address

It usually contains the company’s letter head.


This is the date on which the letter was written. The format of the letter should be “month, day, year” and it should not be abbreviated like e.g. April 3 , 2010 .skip 3 lines and type the receivers address.

Receiver’s address

The name of the person who is being offered the job. The receiver’s street address (if applicable), the city, state and the zip or postal code are written on line that follow.


You should use “dear name of the receiver” since the name is specific. Followed by a full colon.

Subject line

This is optional but it is good for the recipient to know what the letter is about.


You include details like:

  • Salary ( starting salary per month)
  • The date of commencement of work
  • The department in which the person should report.
  • The period of probation
  • The responsibilities of the person.


The letter should use the complementary close “yours sincerely”. Skip 3-4 lines then include your name. Include your signature in either black or black pen.

After the complementary close there should be the company’s name.

You should include a place where person can either accept or decline the offer and also a place to sign on both occasions.

You should inform then that they should return the documents in full whether the offer it accepted or rejected.


This is where you show the attached document if you have any . Your letter should contain the word ‘enclosure’ to show there is another document attached.

Like the document of terms and conditions of the company.

Punctuation of the letter

The address should be well punctuated; the commas should follow each line of the address except the last line.

The salutation should have a full colon after it. The complementary close should have a comma after it and the first letter of it should be capitalized.

Offer Letter Formats

Offer Letter Formats

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