Recommendation Letter For Student

Recommendation Letter For StudentRecommendation letter for a student is normally written by a professor or a teacher of the particular student who are applying for a pposition in the high school, or an internship or attachment, or simply seeking a transfer letter.

are referred to as academic letters that speak about one’s abilities in an academic setting and curiosity to perform.

They include things about the person that are not related to test results and transcripts.

Difficulty: average


The following should be included in your letter;


The letter should have a letterhead of the school at the top of the page . That should include the department the student is in, the postal address of the school, telephone number and any other contact information. Include the date of writing, give the students address and write it on the left side of the page.


In most recommendation letters the salutation is always “to whom it may concern” because they are mostly generic. But on occasions that the name of the recipient is known the salutation is “dear first name”.


This is optional to include but it is good to let the recipient know the reason for the letter


The letter should include the confirmation of the connection and relationship you have with the student and how you know them. If the letter is for attachment bases, you should include what they do in school/ university, give the reasons you are writing the letter in details, why you chose that organization. Write about the student’s abilities and performance and define their attitude. State why you believe the student is qualified.

You could finish the letter by affirming the recipients of the students strengths . You could thank the organization for giving the student consideration.


The letter should have your name, your title and a signature. It should contain the school’s stamp that has your signature and the date this will give the letter credibility and makes it authentic.


  • Make the letter short and simple
  • State the positive qualities of the student
  • Use courteous language
  • Use a font that is readable

Recommendation Letter For Student

Recommendation Letter For Student

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