How To Write A Character Reference Letter

How To Write A Character Reference Letter
To write a character reference letter you must know the person whom you are writing for very well.

The letter seeks to give the positive qualities of the individual. It is mostly written by people who have a close relationship with the person.

Difficulty: average

Guidelines of how to write one


Your letter should include the date in which you are writing. The date should be in full, not abbreviated.


It is better for them to be generic and you use “to whom it may concern” instead of “dear sir or madam” because chances of knowing the addressee are minimal.

But in situation where the addressee name is known use “dear (first name) because it always gives the letter a professional look.

State The Relationship

The relationship you have with the individual should be confirmed in the first paragraph and state how you now them and the period in which you have known them.

The longer is the better because it is assumed you know the person well and your letter is credible enough.

Give The Positive Qualities

This makes the second paragraph where you give the positive qualities of the person and why you think the person is reliable.

Try to be honest because you are trying to sell the person to the society.


This makes the last paragraph. This is where you affirm on the persons’ capabilities and why you are recommending them. You could offer to give more information if needed.


How you close your character reference letter depends on your salutation, if you generally use “dear sir or madam”, use the complementary closing “yours faithfully” or use “yours sincerely” if the salutation was specifically addressed. You skip 3 lines after the complementary closing,then type your name, print the letter, then sign in between the complementary closing and your name.


Make the letter short and precise

Use simple courteous language that is understandable

State only the positive qualities of the person you are writing for remember you have trusted with that responsibility.

How To Write A Character Reference Letter

How To Write A Character Reference Letter

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