Reference Letter Sample

Reference Letter SampleReference letter is a document used for school and job applications. You can use reference letters for doing master degree, doctorate and language education in your country or abroad.

Reference letters include information written by the academicians who know the person who will prepare it for his or her education.

For job applications, they should be filled by employers or managers.

If you want to use your reference letter for a job application, you can ask for help from the managers or employers who can comment about you and worked with you in your previous workplaces.

If you are a new graduate, you can ask for help from the assistant to whom you give your thesis or consultant or lecturers. If you had graduated from an open university, the situation can be a bit complicated.

Generally you cannot have a contact with any academicians in Open University. So, the way to follow for that education style is that: If you don’t have any work experience, you should inform the company to which you are supposed to apply about this situation.

Either they won’t ask for a reference letter from you or they will show a way for you to follow.

The reference letter to apply to a university for master degree should be taken from your teachers in your university instead of the managers in your working life.

However, if you had graduated long ago, you can get your reference letter from the people in your workplaces.

As we stated at the beginning of the paragraph, the first place from where you should take your reference letter should be where you had education, because the teachers who will evaluate you in the master program that you want to apply to want to learn how successful you were as a student, how you feel responsible for your works in the school rather than workplaces.

Reference Letter Sample

Reference Letter Sample

Reference Letter Sample

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