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Cv SamplesWhat Makes a Perfect Resume

General Information:

You can complete this section writing your personal information such as your address, phone number, mail address, information for your driving license, your birthplace, birth date, marital status, smoking habit, and military service and adding a portrait.

Job Experience:

Firstly, write your last workplace and your positions there, and what responsibilities you took over. Then write your previous workplaces respectively.

You should also add the date when you start and leave the previous jobs.

Educational Background:

As in the explanations in the previous session, you can start writing from where you graduated last. You can mention about the certificates and licenses you had.

Foreign Languages:

You should definitely write the languages that you learnt or have been learning and you should also indicate your language level.


Every employer wants to work with single-minded employees. So, writing what you want and expect and how a career you want to have will be pretty useful.

Computer Skills:

Whomever you ask, the answer will generally be the same: “I know how to use computer.” Ok, you know but you know what and how?

The most important factor helps you to go one step further is the certificates you have. If you have that kind of certificates, you should definitely give information on when, where and why you take them.


The session which reflects your personal interests in your CV is this session. So, never forget to fill this part.

You can mention about what you like doing in your social life in short.


Information about the references generally takes place in the last part of CVs. Some people leave this part empty but many employers expects to see references from your previous jobs.

So, you can start writing this information from the last workplace you worked. Whoever the person you show as a reference is, you should give information about her or his position in the company and contact information.

***A professionally-prepared CV lets you go one step further than the other people seeking jobs. So, we suggest you to give necessary importance to your CV.

Cv Samples

Cv Samples

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