General Resume Format

A resume is similar to a CV (Curriculum Vitae), but substantially shorter than it.

General Resume Format
A resume is a document prepared by the people to present their experiences, educational background and skills.

A resume can be used for various purposes but most often to assure new employment. A resume includes a brief of job experiences and education typically.

A resume is similar to a CV (Curriculum Vitae), but substantially shorter than it.

A resume letter attracts the employer’s attention to the aspects of a person’s background relevant to the position. Because increasing numbers of job seekers and employers are using job search engines on the Internet to find and fill positions for working, resumes that are longer are required for applicants to differentiate themselves.

So, employers are seeking longer resumes since the demand for positions is high. It should be enough to provide a concise and adequate description of applicant’s skills, education and experiences. When an employer is not face-to-face with a prospective employer, a resume letter will do this for him or her.

The introduction part of your resume letter should include your name and the position you wish to apply.

Then, you should order your key skills, achievements or experiences that distinguishes you from other candidates. It should definitely create an interest on the reader. You can use a resume template as a starting point for creating your own resume.

You can add your information to the resume template, then change and edit it to personalize your resume, so it highlights your skills and abilities. It will be really helpful if you didn’t write a resume before.

Resume Format

First Last Name
Street Address
City, State, Zip
Phone (Cell/Home)
Email Address


This section should consist of two or three sentences that expressing your employment goals. Your objective should describe why you are the best candidate for the job position.


You should list your achievements, skills, traits and experience in this section. All of these should be relevant for the position that you are applying for. It gives information on how you are qualified for the job.


This section of your letter should include your work history chronologically you should list the companies you worked for, write the dates of employment, the positions you worked in and your achievements.


In this section, you should list the schools you studied at, the degrees that you attained and any special awards and honors you earned if you have.

This section should also be chronologically written.


You should give information on your skills related to the position you are applying for such as computer skills, language skills, communication skills.

There is no need to add references on your resume. You can write a list of references separately to give to the employer upon request.

General Resume Format

General Resume Format

General Resume Format

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