Resume Template for Architect

Resume Template for ArchitectContact Information:

  1. Full Applicant’s Name
  2. Campus and/or permanent addresses
  3. Telephone numbers
  4. Email address


List your highest degree first.

  1. Name of institution, city and state
  2. Degree, Major and Year Awarded
  3. GPA (optional)


Begin by listing the most recent first, emphasize on achievements, responsibilities, and contributions made to the company.


Mention campus and community activities, internship, volunteering, memberships in professional organizations etc.


Certifications, achievements, languages, communication skills, special awards, citizenship etc.

Try to incorporate the following verbs while making your resume.

  • Drafted
  • Classified
  • Determined
  • Implemented
  • Improved
  • Organized
  • Performed
  • Raised
  • Reviewed
  • Formulated

Next paragraph should highlight information that would make your resume stand out. The following suggestions should be considered while making an Architect’s resume.

  • Planning, analysis, design, implementation and testing responsibilities.
  • Describe the specific nature of architectural plans, system designs, etc.
  • Include relevant details to major projects you’ve been involved with.
  • New techniques, methods, and practices that you have introduced or developed.
  • Any contribution to reduction of costs, improvement in efficiency and/or marginal increments in revenue.
  • Include any other contributions or achievements that have benefited your employers.
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