Resume Tips

Resume TipsWriting a good resume is very important thing.

Your resume needs to be professional, well-organized and shining, because if you don’t have a well-written resume, your application materials probably won’t get a second glance from any hiring manager.

Here are some tips to write a good resume:

  • The right title: Some people keep putting career choices that have nothing to do with their qualifications. Consider your qualifications, identify your priorities and use the job title you are interested in.
  • Good looking document: Never underestimate the importance of a well-designed resume. Your resume must say to hiring manager: “There’s something worth to read here. I am a professional that you’re seeking for.”
  • Be concise: It’s just a resume, not your autobiography. First page must summarize your most important information. Ask yourself: “Can a hiring manager see my main credentials within 10 to 15 seconds?” “Do I effectively introduce myself on the top quarter of the first page?” “Does critical information jump off the page?” If even one answer contains “no”, re-write your resume. Most of hiring manager doesn’t read even the second page.
  • Use an recruiter’s eye:Come on, nobody is interested in your elementary school, or your first internship project. Be judicious. There’s no need to add needless information in the resume.
  • Be specific: Companies usually look for candidates that have a specific qualification, like the use of a specific computer programming language etc. Mention this fact and it will surely land you the right offer.
  • Fonts: Your resume has to be professional at all costs. DO NOT use different fonts in a single document, or weird fonts like Comic Sans MS. Use professional fonts like Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana or Calibri that are readable. Weird fonts are acceptable only if the resume is of a designer or any other artistic profile.
  • Choose your keywords carefully: Just one keyword can have tremendous power and deliver a huge message. For example, when a recruiter reads the keyword “analyst,” he or she might assume you have experience in collecting data, evaluating effectiveness, and researching and developing new processes.
  • Error-free: Read your resume carefully and remove even minor spelling errors from your resume. Your resume must be completely error-free.

Resume Tips

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