Writing Teacher Resume

Previous work experience has a great effect and important role while applying for a job

Writing Teacher ResumeIn most cases, teachers use one page resume but a two page resume is also acceptable.

You don’t need to go into details.

You should just highlight your skills and specialized fields.

Any teacher from kindergarten to college can benefit from resume samples.

The required parts to be included in your teacher resume:


  • You should write your name, your present and permanent address, telephone numbers and email address first.
  • Your name should be larger in font size when compared to the other text.

Education and Certification:

You should write the required academic details in a tabulated format with respect to the degrees or the courses that you took in the past.

The latest degree or course comes first. For example, as a teacher, if you did your master degree last, you should write it first, then you should go backwards.

You should list your certifications and endorsements and their date. When you have your certificate, delete the date and write the certificate number instead of it.

Teaching Experience:

Previous work experience has a great effect and important role while applying for a job. So, it should be definitely presented in the resume. In a job interview most of the questions are related to your previous job that you had, so this part of your resume should be well prepared.

You should begin with writing the name of the organization that you worked for before, the date of your beginning and leaving the job… If you had worked as a teacher before, you can describe your experiences in the classroom in this section.

You should mention about your classroom management skills and strategies, the methods you use while teaching, any experience with your student who needs special help, and the interactions with their parents. You should include job title, write where you worked as a teacher with their dates.

If you work for any other department or place which is not related to your field and gave you all your experience, you can list them in this section.

Professional or career objective: You can state your career objective, what kind of work you are seeking. Your objective clearly underlines your aims and aspirations in that profession.

If you have some impressive honors such as scholarships, achievements or achievement awards or activities you took part in related to teaching or if you won any competitions national or international, you should highlight them, as well.

For example, you can add your career achievements like ‘integrated English instruction into all subject matter’ if you are an English teacher, or you can write play key role in orchestrating the adoption of new mathematical programmers’ if you are a math teacher.

If you have a special skill such as fluency in a foreign language or advanced calculating skill in math, you can state them in your resume.

If you had attended any seminars, conferences…etc., you should write them since they demonstrate your will for developing yourself. You can also write the professional associations you belong to and your position.


References are generally needed by your present employer to be able to gauge you through the eyes of the people with whom you are associated or for whom you worked.

So, your teachers or professors’ references should be included. Or your past employer can also be written as a reference.

Be sure that the people you give as reference know you well and inform them that you are giving their names as reference since many companies or employers call to confirm.

Writing Teacher Resume

Writing Teacher Resume

Writing Teacher Resume

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