Writing your first resume

The first resume is always the hardest to write

Writing your first resumeHow to write a resume without a job experience?

This is the problem that every employee on earth faces with at the beginning of her/him work life.

You cannot impress your potential employers with your job experience when you haven’t any.

Bu you can still write a good and impressive resume. Here’s how:

Elements that you can (or must) include your first resume:

  • Your technical skills in your specialty.
  • Projects and workshops that you participated in when you’re a student.
  • Internships: if you have real-world experiences in your specialty, include them. Include your skills and experience gained during the summer job.
  • Your no-paid jobs (if any) relevant to your specialty.
  • Coursework that relevant to your desired profession.
  • Your educational accomplishments (if it’s over 3.0, include your GPA)
  • If you won any awards during your education, include them.
  • If you can get a recommendation from your professors, include it.
  • Your personal accomplishments about the job you looking for.
  • Include your special talents, or positive personality traits.
  • Don’t include your hobbies unless they directly relate to the job you’re seeking for.
  • If you truly have no work experience don’t try to flub, instead list your volunteer work or community activities.
  • Never, ever lie and always be true to who you are.

Designing your first resume:

Your resume probably has less than 20 seconds to make the right impression (what researches say), so it must be clear, eye-catching and easy to read.

  • Select a simple and standardized format.
  • Do not use weird or flashy fonts. Use professional fonts like Times new roman, Arial or Calibri.
  • Make sure your contact information is up-to-date and accurate.
  • Your resume must be completely error-free. Read your resume carefully and remove even minor spelling errors from it.
  • Including a cover letter is a good idea. You can read about how to write a good cover letter from here.

Writing your first resume

Writing your first resume

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