Accountant Application Letter Sample

Application Letter

  • Before the address; write specified a person’s name in HR who you will give your cv. If you don’t know his/her name, you can use Dear Sir.
  • You should keep together the address.
  • Write the date on right side
  • The other things that you wrote is very enough for an application letter.
  • You don’t need to write “application letter“
  • Don’t forget to write your full name and sign.

Good Luck.

See an example for application letters: application letter

Original Application LetterAccountant Application Letter Sample

No 36 Niger-Drive,

G.R.A Onitsha,

Anambra State.

The Registrar,

Anam State University,


28th march,2012.

Dear Sir,

Letter Of Application.

I humbly wish to apply for an Administrative Assistant position in your office. I studied Education English at University of Port Harcourt .

I am capable of handling responsibilities and have an experience in learning, understanding and excelling in new technologies as needed and I believe that my education experience will make me a very competitive candidate for the position.

I also developed excellent communication skills back at school and my cheerful disposition has made it easy for me and the ability to work under pressure.

Details of my qualifications are in the enclosed c.v.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward hearing from you for this employment.


Accountant Application Letter Sample

Accountant Application Letter Sample

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