Data Entry Officer Resume Review


Appearance & Classification

At a quick glance it can easily be seen that you need to improve the appearance of your resume.

  • You should avoid using letter effects and tables, which strain eyes a bit. You can make it thinner or even fully remove;
  • The font sizes you prefer to use should not be too much different sizes from each other. It’s usually better to avoid too fancy writing types. CVs with more plain appearance are easier to read and more probable to be evaluated as being serious. I strongly recommend you not to use Comic Sans font on your CV, it doesn’t look serious enough. You may use the same font and you can make the titles bold or bigger. According to your profession, you can use different designs for your resume. For example, if you are a designer;
  • You should pay attention to text alignment and align either left or right.


  • The “objective” part is the one of the most important parts in your resume. For this reason;  it can benefit you to detail this part. As far as we understand; you have just graduated your school and you haven’t got a job experience. So that’s why giving more details in this part is much more important for you. You had better include here a more formal expression such as:
  • “To obtain a position that will enable me to use my skills, educational background, and ability to work well with people.”   If it seems too elaborate to you, don’t use it because, of course, being honest and modest matters more.
  •  “Facebook id” data is not a required data for in the communication part in a resume.  It’s enough to write your mail and e-mail addresses and  your phone numbers in this part.
  • It would be good for you to write the applications that you developed. Such as:  ‘I developed a simple chat application in C, which works between two computers.
  • The information that you write “softwares” is a very general statement, so it may be good to make it more specific.
  • A resume doesn’t have to be very long. It’s important thing is how you express yourself and specify your qualifications.
  • Lastly, I don’t know if it’s usual to include your religion in your CV in Pakistan, however it doesn’t seem professional. You might think removing it.

P.S: If you prepare your CV for a specific workplace and a specific position, then it would be much more effective to deliver it with a cover letter. See example cover letters here: what is cover letter

We cannot be sure that we identify all the points that can better your CV, however if you benefit from this free service of ours, please share it with your friends.

ORIGINAL RESUMEData Entry Officer Resume Review


Gulbahar No 2, Street No 16,

House No 11-A,Peshawar.

Cell: 0336-9246391

Email: [email protected]

Facebook ID: [email protected]


To get a Data Entry Officer Post in your organization of repute.


Degree/certificate Institution Location Year CGPA Grade
           BCS(Progress) University Of peshawar Peshawar 2011 3.5 A+
        HSSC Govt College Peshawar Peshawar 2011 843 A
         SSC Centennial Model School Peshawar 2009 791 A

Additional Education

Certificate Institution Location Year Marks
Office Automation Govt Technical Center Peshawar 2009 100/100


  • Microsoft Office 2007.
  • Windows Installation.
  • Linux And Unix.
  • Programming C.
  • Hardware.
  • Working knowledge Of the Internet.

Activities And Honours

  • Net Surfing.
  • Reading E-Books.

Personal Information

Martial Status:     Single

CNIC No:             17301-4682146-3

Religion:               Islam

Nationality :          Pakistani


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