Marketing Manager Resume Review


Appearance & Classification

  • Adjust the things you write to the left side that you wrote on the right side and write them under your title.
  • Emphasize some information in your resume. Use several marks when ordering information. For example, the information under the title “Personality Skill”.
  • Your resume consists of short sentences written one under another; it’s easy to read but the information you provide doesn’t exactly explain what you did in your field and what you can do.
  • I recommend you to detail all the things you wrote by making columns.


  • You should definitely make  the information under the title “projects” more detailed  Specify date. The first information about you in your resume is here however it’s definitely not enough.
  • Change your “Educational information” to be ordered from current to the oldest.
  • Since you haven’t got any work experience, what you should do is to state what you want to do as well as possible and point out the the things you can do best in your field.


There are no grammatical mistakes in your CV.

P.S: If you prepare your CV for a specific workplace and a specific position, then it would be much more effective to deliver it with a cover letter. See example cover letters here: how to write a cover letter

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Email id:

Residence permit no: 2003274327

Valid Saudi Driving License

Date of birth: 20/06/1988


Cell no: 000000000



To be a successful marketing manager, analyst and decision maker which is possible by gaining knowledge, experience and hard work.


  • Impact of Celebrity endorsement on Brand “Shades”.
  • Employee satisfaction at “Idea”.

Educational Qualification:

  • 10th class: St. Celina High School (03-04)
  • Intermediate: Narayana College (04-06)
  • Degree: St. Joseph’s Degree and P.G College (Osmania university) (06-09)
  • M.B.A: Nizam Institute of Business and Management (Osmania university) (09-11)

Personality Skills:

  • Good at communication
  • Tactful in nature
  • Good at convincing people
  • Good at anchoring
  • Reasonably a good adviser

Computer Skills:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • Power Point


  • 2nd prize in AD UR NIZ in an inter college competition conducted by St. Anns College.
  • 2nd prize in Investment Bizz in inter college competition conducted by St. Joseph’s Degree and P.G. College.
  • 1st prize in Flower arrangement conducted in St. Joseph’s Degree and P.G. College .

Participation in other activities:

  • Junk yard. ( with waste material make something creative)
  • Brand pics: (Identification brand logos)
  • Environmental awareness
  • Debate ( speak for a topic and prove you answer by giving reasons)
  • Big boss ( You will be asked for a solution to a problem)
  • Cluedo:
  • Elocution

Languages known:

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Urdu
  • Arabic


  • Organizing Events
  • Participation in extra-curricular activities
  • Making Short films
  • Acting
  • Editing
  • Directing

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