Procurement and Logistic Manager Resume Review


Appearance & Classification

  • To write everything one under another like this makes your resume look like a shopping list.
  • Write at the top, your name and surname and write all of your contact information right under it. For the rest of the details make a title named “personal details” and add those under this title.
  • Make the title bold or emphasize them in another way but visually make sure that they are eligible and standing out.
  • Use one of the ordering marks for the information under the title “ABILITIES”.


  • State your position or responsibilities at the organizations you have worked.
  • Write your hobbies and interest areas side by side under a title.
  • Remove this title: “KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, ABILITIES AND EXPERIENCE” You have already mentioned and stated these titles below.
  • Make an “objective” title right after your contact information and write your aims about your work and which position you are interested in.


There are some grammatical mistakes, corrected and highlighted in your resume. Make sure that you write the first letter of proper nouns in capital.

P.S: If you prepare your CV for a specific workplace and a specific position, then it would be much more effective to deliver it with a cover letter. See example cover letters here: how to write a cover letter.

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ORIGINAL RESUMEProcurement and Logistic Manager Resume Review



Surname: Mapunda
First name: Vaileth
Other name: anuarius
Sex: Female
Date of birth: 1986
Place of birth: Songea
Marital status: single
Nationality: Tanzanian
Language: Fluent in English and Swahili
Permanent Address: Vaileth J. Mapunda
Box 79391
Dar es salaam
Mobile no: +255719115598
Email address: [email protected]

2009 – 2011: Tanzaniainstitute of accountancy (TIA)
Diploma in procurement and logistic management
2005 – 2007: Makongo high school
Advanced level of secondary education
2000 – 2003:Korogwe girls secondary school
Ordinary level of secondary education<

Knowledge in procurement and supply management, logistics, procurement principle

Computer skills/Literacy
Word proceeding – Ms Word
Internet and use of Email
Statistical packages – Ms Excel
Communication skills
(Listening, speaking, reading, and writing)

Working in dynamic environment and flexible as the situation demand
To think critically and analytically
Working with people of different cultures.
Problems solving and decision making.
Leadership and team building.
Learn and use innovation, techniques and technology very fast.
Good integrity, high self esteem, sociability and self management.

August 2009->December 2010 :Working at Makyao Telecommunication Company(MAKTECH) in networking management centre

Reading books like novels
Sports and games
Charity works
Interpersonal interaction and communication

Procurement and Logistic Manager Resume Review

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