Product Designer Resume Review


Resume 1.

  • The CV that you’ve made horizontal and seems more schematic can be a very good idea depending on the your job. However I recommend you to make a asymmetrical design or be more careful when aligning the text.
  • As for the content, it seems that you’ve stated the proper information within a proper order. If you’d like to make a different CV using design elements instead of  preparing an ordinary and simple CV, that CV will be a good means of your approach and background wholly. That’s why I can tell you that, this is not easy.
  •  It is a great idea to use very different fonts and colors however I recommend you to follow a pattern while gathering up different things.

Resume 2.

  • You’ve stated both your background and approaches in a very clear way.
  • You should re-order the work experiences. State first the most recent one than order down going back to your first experience.
  • If you seperate the titles with gaps, you’ll make your CV more readable and you can also prevent a possible confusion in the first part.
  • When ordering, be careful that the marks are the same for one task.
  • Your CV is two pages already, use both pages. You can move a title on the first page to the second.


There are some grammatical mistakes, corrected and highlighted in your CV.

We cannot be sure that we identify all the points that can better your CV, however if you benefit from this free service of ours, please share it with your friends.

ORIGINAL RESUMESProduct Designer Resume Review

Resume 1.

Objective  –  My goal is to work in a creative environment where I can gain real world experience in the field.

Education – Work Placement at Fairfield Displays and Lighting +Degree Show help assistant at University of Wolverhampton.

Experience – 2007- Finished High School of Maths and Science 4.5/5.0 +2009- recent University of Wolverhampton BDes Product Design

Accolades – Agent Draw Young Product Designer of the Year, semi-finalist.

Technical Skills – Sketching + 3D Modelling +Solidworks +Cobalt V8+ Adobe Illustrator +Adobe Photoshop

Portfolio –


Fairfield Displays& Lighting- Jason Fernandes Design Team Leader MA Interior/Product Design Tel: 01743 45 7128 Fax: 01743 46 2452

University of Wolverhampton Head teacher of Product Design,

Resume 2.

Product Design

Gulsum Ecem Gok

…………..Avenue, ……………., ……………..
Tel: 0111 2222222
Email: [email protected]


Obtain a position at Design Company where I can maximize my design skills, technical understanding, project development, and training experience. Being a fresh designer gives me a chance to become a professional and creative in different branches of design.


2009/2010- 2011/2012 : BDes Product Design at University of Wolverhampton/ UK ( expecting 1st grade)  2008: Statistics and Computer Science at Baskent University/ Turkey  2005-2007 : Graduated from High School with 4.5 /5 diploma grade, A levels at Maths and Science at TED Mersin College/ Turkey


2008 (Summer Internship): ACM Tuna Yapi- Mersin/ Turkey.
Designing furniture for modern flats
2009 : University of Wolverhampton/ UK
Organizing the Art & Design Degree Show of the University of Wolverhampton
2011 (Summer Internship) : Fairfield Displays and Lighting- Shrewsbury/ UK
Designing Display units and lighting for car showrooms, attending meetings, presenting the current design of Fairfield Displays, manufacturing details.
2011: Branding Design for Uberra Night Club- Wolverhampton/ UK.
Designing brand, advertisement leaflets for a new night club.
2011/current ( Final Year Internship): JDD Furniture Design Wolverhampton/ UK
Designing modular furniture for library/ canteen area.
Get involved with the company’s current design work.


  • A board range and understanding of qualitative and quantitative research techniques.
  • Design Concept Sketching.
  • Adobe CS4/5 -Cobalt V8 -Solid Works 2010/2011 –Photo Viewer 360
  • Traditional Rendering Techniques
  • Traditional woodworking, plastics and metal working techniques.
  • Prototyping (blue foam, sketch modelling) –Microsoft Office


Turkish (native language), English (Intermediate), Spanish (Beginner).


I have always been interested with anything that related to design as well as my high interest on engineering/ functional part of a product.

My interest on technology and science lead me to study Maths and Science on High School that I related to my designs later.
I played basketball for 4 years as I enjoyed to be a part of a team.
I like travelling and learning about new cultures, it made me decide to study in England after travelling all around Turkey, South Africa and France.




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Product Designer Resume Review

Product Designer Resume Review

Product Designer Resume Review

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