Supervisor IT Development Application Letter Review

Application Letter Review

It is important not to include the information that are mentioned in the CV to you application letter, we also know as the cover letter. Your application letter is proper and prepared well according to this rule.
  • You should write your name and surname and contact information.(Post Address, phone numbers and e-mail address)
  • You should write the name of the company and the name of the person in charge of recruitment if you know.
  • And, of course don’t forget to write the date to your application letter.

    See example application  letters here: write an application letter

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    Dear Sir,
    Engineer in Computer sciences, with a very good various experience in IT, at different recognized international companies during  almost 12 years of experience As:

    • Developer(Delphi,C,C++,C#,VB,.Net..),
    • DBA (MS SQL Server(2000/2005/2008) / Ingres)
    • Reporting ,BI,Crystal Reports
    • (AIX,Win Server) System Administrator
    • Project lead ,
    • Worked several times on the establishment of information system and coordinated teams on ERP

    Positions given to me a perfect control, conduct and coordination of technical and functional projects.

    My strong motivation, analysis, organizational, interpersonal skills and my knowledge of new technologies are my main assets. In this context, I would bring you a more important value in terms of skills, service quality and satisfaction in different areas as ERP Administrator(Business Management, Accounting, Human Resources, Payroll, Procurement and Material) ,Developer/Analyst or as DBA.

    The prospect of change at a leading company in a highly competitive environment as well as work in motivated teams where human relations play an important role in business performance are the determining factors of my approach.

    Supervisor IT Development Application Letter Review


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