How To Prepare A Cover Letter

How To Prepare A Cover LetterCover letter stands between your resume getting reviewed or ignored by the hiring manager. Before writing one there is need to prepare it.

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Things to do before writing your cover letter:

  1. Research the details of the company which you are writing to. Before writing the letter, it is good to have the details of the company well like the contact information and the name of the hiring manager so that your letter will be specifically addressed. On occasions when the name is v=not known, it is better to address it to the title of the person in charge of hiring e.g. “dear hiring manager” .You should not use gender-specific salutations. It is also good to know if the company you seek to apply the job to if it is legit.
  2. Think about your experience before writing a letter. It is good to think about the experience you have and how you can relate to the job being advertised. Brainstorm on the skills and accomplishment that this organization should know about.
  3. How did you know about the opportunity? Scribble down details of how you came to know about the job. If it was through the advert or someone close, think about the reason why you are applying for the job is it because someone recommended the job or you are simply impressed with the company this will help during writing to write about your inspiration.
  4. Think about the format you are going to use. Before writing it is good to know the kind of layout you are going to use. This will help you determine the tone in which you will write your letter. If you will you use the full block format or the indented format in your letter.

Tips and warnings

  • Type your letter. Use Microsoft word or the word processing programs in writing your letter. A typed letter looks professional than a handwritten one.
  • Don’t over use the word ‘I’ in your letter remember you are trying to show what you can do for the company.
  • Use clear simple language that is easily understandable.

How To Prepare A Cover Letter
How To Prepare A Cover Letter

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