Appeal Letter Template

Are you looking for an appeal template to help you further explain the unfair treatment dished out to you? This article will guide you through the steps to write an effective appeal letter...

Often, decisions are based on incorrect information or evidence. In such instances require to present a different side of the story.

The appeal letter helps you present you your side of the story and the facts. It will help you reconsider your case. You should follow your business writing format while writing your appeal letter.

Appeal Letter Tips:

  • Follow a specific letter format of appeal;
  • Be direct and honest. Provide all the evidence that will shed light your reasoning;
  • The first paragraph should introduce the correspondent;
  • Give detail reasons to your appeal. Include dates and anecdotes in your surmising of the facts;
  • Focus on your objective viewpoint of appeal;
  • Be clear, concise, and to the point;
  • The body should start off by narrating the incident in chronological order;
  • Give reasons why your appeal should be granted;
  • Build your cases on facts rather than opinions, especially those emotionally driven;
  • Include bulletin points that make it easily readable to read over the facts;
  • Give references to testimonials if necessary;
  • Last paragraph should be a summary of items you’ve mentioned in the body paragraph;
  • Avoid adding any new items of evidence;
  • Include your contact details;
  • Add a gesture of appreciation for the reader that took time to read your letter.

Appeal Letter Template:

[Street Address]
[City, State, Zip Code]



Write in a few details the reasons for the letter of appeal.

Dear Claims Review Department.

I am writing to you about a claim sent by [Insurance provider] on behalf of [client]. On [Date], the charges were entered and the amount totaled to [Amount]. [Insurance provider] has denied the payment for this procedure mentioning that the health agency was not licensed while the procedure was conducted.

The state of [Name of the state] does not require a home Insurance agency to have a license. The Car Insurance agency visits are also covered under my insurance plan.

Thus I would like you to reconsider the decision of refusal to pay for this procedure. A written documentation which supports my position is attached to this letter.

Please do reconsider the denial. If more information is required, please do inform so that I can supply you with the same.

Thank you.

[Your Signature]

[Your Typed Full Name]

Appeal Letter Template

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