If your Job applications are being rejected…

If your Job applications are being rejected…You took all the cautions as you can, you prepared a good CV, you went to interview on time and had a good interview but you weren’t accepted to the job.

In this situation, you shouldn’t take this personally.

You should define the lesson to be taken and you should seek a new job without giving up.

Of course you will get disappointed but instead of accepting this, you should go on by encouraging yourself more.

However, if most of the applications you have made are rejected, there can be some mistakes that you should overview.

We will give information about what to do in that kind of situations:

  • You should try to take information about why you are rejected from the person you interviewed within the company you applied to and are rejected.
  • You should revise the application papers. You should define the points that seems weak to you.
  • Were your job applications able to be adapted according to position that you want to work in?
  • Were you able to tell what you were so eager to for the company you applied to?
  • There can be mistakes on your application papers, you should revise them.
  • You can ask for revising and criticizing your papers from one of your relatives or friends.
  • You should collect sufficient information about the company.
  • You should control your excitement during the interview. You should be able to give satisfying answers to the person interviewing with you.
  • You should review the whole process by asking questions on your own. You should define where you made mistakes.
  • If you cannot achieve in your aim after all the works you did, you should consult to a professional.
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