Writing Apology Letter Template

Writing Apology Letter TemplateMichael Roberts
Customer Service Manager,
Tunchie Food Products,
[City, State]
[Phone Number]
March, 15 2009
Rick Ross
Dear. Mr. Ross,

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused to your organization.

The purchase order LK55442492 that you received on March 16. 2010, was defective in large part to some error in the manufacturing process.

We understand the inconvenience we may have caused you and your company and clients.

The shipped product did not meet the quality and standards that we have been delivering for the last five years. We have investigated the area to where the defects to your product might of have been done.

The customers have full faith in our products and they should continue to reap that satisfaction from our long lasting relationship that we have shared.

We have already started working on your order with the help of additional staff. We will be shipping your order by the end of this week.

Our company has taken all the measures to avoid this error to happen in our shipping as well.

We have all asked the shippers to collect the defective order from your warehouse by the end of the week. We assure that your product will arrive in time before the weekend so that you can stock this new product in your inventory.

We can assure you high quality products in the order that you will be receiving. I apologize for the inconvenience again and promise you that this will not be repeated in future.

We look forward to continue our business and professional relations that are mutually beneficial, which we have shared in the past year or so.

Let us know if we can be of any further assistance that will ensure you receive the quality service you deserve from our company courtesy.



Mr. Michael Roberts

Writing Apology Letter Template

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