How To Write A Motivation Letter

How To Write A Motivation Letter Amotivation letter is simply a letter written to give reasons why you are interested in the job, your curiosity and attraction to the company it simply answers the question (what is your motivation for applying for the job).

In the letter you try to convince the reader that you are the right candidate.

The letter is written in a simple courteous language that is understandable. The letter can be hand written or typed depending on your liking. It is send alongside your c.v.

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  • Tips on how to write:

Use good language

Use courteous language and in a tone that is professional yet a friendly one. A well written letter always stands out.

Be creative

Use a good layout in your letter. There is no specific way that you could format your letter but being creative in your own way and using the same font will make you stand out. In your letter state your attributes and why they should choose you and not any one else.

Think outside the box. Make the reader to be glued to your letter.

Address it to the correct person:

Make sure your letter is addressed correctly. Take time to address make sure you have the details correct of the person who is hiring.

This could be achieved by researching on the person the contacts and name. It is always a plus to address your letter to a specific person. Do not salute your letter by “dear sir/madam” personalize it.

Keep it simple

Your letter should be simple, short and straight to the point. Remember the people reading your letter handle very many letters in a day and having your letter long may make it to be ignored.

Your letter should not exceed one A4 page.

Tell the truth

Be honest in your letter. Remember you are trying to sell yourself to the people you are writing to. If they give you a chance and they later find out you were lying you will only embarrass yourself.

Proofread your letter

Be fore sending your letter it is better to proofread it you could possibly give it to another person to read it for you.

You will not want to send a letter with spelling mistakes , this will definitely send the wrong message.

How To Write A Motivation Letter
How To Write A Motivation Letter

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