How To Write A Transmittal Letter

How To Write A Transmittal LetterA transmittal letter is a letter that is brief and business related. It is written accompanying another document.

It includes the purpose and the description of the products, services or items being shipped.

They ensure the accompanied documents get to the correct person.

They follow certain specific standards since they are business related.

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The following should be included in the letter,


This usually includes the address and it is usually written at the right hand side of the page. The address includes; the company’s name or your name, address, phone number and any other contact information.

Skip one to two lines and write the date, the date should follow the format month date, year or date , month , year but it should be in full not abbreviated e.g. April 30, 2010 or 30th April, 2010 but not 30-4-2010 different people interpret them differently.

Write the receivers name, address, account number (if applicable) and any other identity information of the receiver on the left hand side, two lines down after the date.


The letter should be addressed to the person who will receive the letter that is “dear (first name)” if the name is known and “dear sir /madam if the name is not known. After the salutation write the reason of writing the letter that is if you are sending a business proposal, information about or sending resume.


The letter should contain two to three paragraphs. It should be able to fit in to one A4 page. Sate the background information of the document you are sending.

This information could include the date in which the reader should act on the information contained in the document. Could give the required information if the letter is accompanying a product or you could remind the reader of the discussion you had with him or her regarding the document.

Thank the reader for their time and request them to contact you if the need arises.


The type of complementary close depends on your salutation. If the letter was specifically addressed then use “yours sincerely” and “yours faithfully” if it generic.

After the complementary close skip three lines and type your name, title and contact information.

Sign in between the close and your name after printing. You could add references if deemed necessary.

How To Write A Transmittal Letter

How To Write A Transmittal Letter

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