Resume Template for a Web Developer

Resume Template for a Web Developer


Contact Information:

  1. Full Applicant’s Name
  2. Campus and/or permanent addresses
  3. Telephone numbers
  4. Email address

Education: List your highest degree first.

  1. Name of institution, city and state
  2. Degree, Major and Year Awarded
  3. GPA (optional)

Experience:  Begin by listing the most recent first, emphasize on achievements, responsibilities, and contributions made to the company.

  • 1. Name of employment
  • 2. City, State
  • 3. Hired Date to End Date
  • Department, Title/Position

Activities: Mention campus and community activities, internship, volunteering, memberships in professional organizations etc.

Personal: Certifications, programming coursework, internship, special awards, free-lancing etc.

Try to incorporate the following verbs while making your resume.

  • Accomplished
  • Balanced
  • Demonstrated
  • Doubled
  • Enabled
  • Drafted
  • Expanded
  • Installed


Next paragraph should highlight information that would make your resume stand out. The following suggestions should be considered while making a Web Developer resume.

  • List your software, coding, or other design related skills.
  • Organize your programming skills from technical skills into different subdivided sections.
  • Include any major project names you’ve worked with recently.
  • Describe any techniques, methods, or practices that you have introduced or developed.
  • List any design partnerships, challenges, or internships that you’ve been involved in the community.
  • Include any other contributions or achievements that have benefited your employers.
  • State that you’d have references available upon request.

Resume Sample for A Web Developer

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Resume Template For A Web Developer