Academic Resume

Academic ResumeAn academic resume is a document that shows your personal academic career and accomplishments in a format that is easy for the future employer to read. It also highlights your background and achievements.

While there is no specific format that your resume should take, there are specific contents it must have.

Difficulty: easy

What should be included in your letter:

Contact information

This is where you state how the employer could contact you and also for them to have an idea of who the resume is describing.

Your name: (should be in full i.e. first name last name)

Your address (postal address or street address)

City, state and zip or postal code

Phone number (indicate both the home phone number and your cell number)

Email address

Personal information

You include your:

Date of birth (it should be in full and not abbreviated)


Include the schools you attended starting with the recent one, the dates, the name of the school and the address.

University (state the name of the school, the period in which you were admitted in the school and the place the university is located)

High school (give the name of the school, the period of study and where the school is located)

List your honors and awards starting with the recent and the most important ones.

Include your school activities and include the years of participation.

Work experience

This includes your work history. You list the companies and organizations in which you were employed and you state the period of employment like:

Company (name of the most recent one)

City and state where it is located

Period of employment

Job title

Work responsibilities and the achievements you got during that time

You state all the company’s in that manner one after the other.


You include the skills you possess that are related to the position you are applying e.g communication skill and computer skills.


This could be included in a separate page to be given on request.

N.b depending on your experience you could use any of the two resume formats the chronological format or the functional format.

Academic Resume

Academic Resume

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