Basic Business Letter

Basic Business LetterBeing able to write a business letter is a skill that is easily learned. It is effective in establishing communication between business associates in a professional manner in many circumstances.

A business letter represents you and your employer. So it doesn’t matter whether it comes from you or your administrative staff, it should be professionally written.

You can read the business letter formats here.


A letterhead is used by most companies. The company’s logo, name, address and other contact and identifying information can be written. If the company doesn’t have a letterhead, the company’s name and address can be written at the top of the page.

Sender Address:

It is usually included in the letterhead. Don’t write the sender’s name or title since it is included in the closing of the letter. Write only the street address, city and zip code.


The date line indicates when the letter was written. But if your letter is written over a number of days, write the date when it was finished in the date line.

If you are writing a letter to foreign countries like the United States, you should pay attention to date format; it is different in the U.S.A. You should write out the day, month and the year two inches from the top of the page.

Inside Address:

This address is the recipient’s address. If you are writing to a specific individual in a company, it is best. If you don’t have that person’s name, search it by calling the company or talking with the employees from the company.

Write a title such as Mr., Ms, Dr. The inside address should begin on line below the sender’s address or an inch below the date. It should be left aligned.


A salutation is your greeting. Most of the salutations begin with “Dear” followed by recipient’s name. If you don’t know the person’s name, you can use Dear Madam/Sir or the job title. If you don’t know the reader’s gender, you can use a nonsexist greeting like “to whom it may concern”.

Body Paragraphs:

The first paragraph should always include why you are writing. The, you should explain the situation, suggestion or whatever message you aim at getting across the recipient. It should be concise since long complicated messages can distract the reader.

If you begin a new subject, write a new paragraph. The other paragraphs include the reasons.


You should state something like “I am looking forward to your prompt reply” or something like that in closing paragraph.


You should end the letter with an appropriate closing like “Sincerely”, “Best Regards”, “Respectfully yours”. It should be short and polite.


You should write your full or business name below the close. Between your name and enclosure part, you should hand write your signature in ink. Don’t use colorful ink; you should use black or blue ink for your signature.

Basic Business Lette
Basic Business Letter

Basic Business Lette

Basic Business Lette

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