Writing a Job Offer Letter: Tips & Template

A job offer letter is provided to a candidate with an earnest level of skills required to meet the set of standards for the job.

Job OfferUsually, a verbal negotiation between the employer and the candidate has been established to confirm the terms and conditions of the agreement.

However, a job letter establishes a mutual consent of agreement between the employer and the employee with regard to terms and conditions of the workplace.

Typically, prior to the drafting of the letter, the candidate has accepted the position, under the tentative terms stated by the employer. However, if negotiation was part of the process since the initial stages of verbal agreement.

The job letter conjoins parts of the negotiation and settles them into a confidentiality agreement, that is, legal bound document by the signature of the candidate.

A few job offer letter writing tips:

  • Write the date, prospective employee’s name, and company’s address on the left margin of the document.
  • List each compensation package individually divided numerically.
  • Each list should be arranged coherently including a description of each compensation package offered.

Job Offer Letter Template


[Name of Prospective Employee]


[City, State, Zip]

Re: Employment Offer

Dear [Name of Prospective Employee]:

[Company’s Name] is delighted to make you an offer for a [full time or part time] position as q [title] for [Company’s Department].

The terms of agreement are fully as follows:

1. [Prospective Employee’s Name], employment will begin on [Date], or as otherwise agreed to.

You will report to [Name of Supervisor]. Your initial assignments will be to [Specify assignments or refer to job description in Exhibit A]. In addition, included assignments and milestones will be established quarterly in cooperation with your supervisor.

You will be expected to work a minimum of [Number of Hours] per week on projects assigned to you by [Company]. You will remain an employee for so long as [Company], in its sole discretion, chooses to employ you, and you wish to remain employed.

2.You will be paid an [hourly rate or annual salary] of $[hourly rate or salary amount] for the period beginning on your employment start date as provided above. Payroll is normally paid on the 5th and 20th of each month.

In addition to your base salary, you may earn a bonus of [$bonus amount] per quarter for accomplishing the assignments and milestones established by your supervisor.

3.[Company’s Name] adopted an Incentive Stock Option and Non-Qualified Stock Option Plan and will recommend to the Board of Directors that you be granted a stock option of [X] shares at an exercise price of [X$ per share].

The shares will vest over a [X] year period in accordance with the terms of the Stock Option Agreement. This stock option grant is subject to approval by the Board of Directors and is not effective until so approved.

You may also be qualified for additional grants under the Incentive Stock Option and Non-Qualified Stock Option Plan during your employment at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

To be eligible for the options approved by the Board, you will be required to execute the Employee Stock Option Agreement attached to this letter.

4. You will be eligible for [Company]’s employee benefits plan.

I have attached a summary of these benefits and comprehensive information on the medical plan. In addition to health insurance, you will be entitled to [X] weeks paid vacation, with vacation accruing as provided in the Employee Manual.

5. You will be required to execute the Employee Intellectual Property Agreement attached to this letter.

If you have any questions concerning this letter or the attached Agreements, we recommend you consult legal counsel of your choice.

6. The employment terms and policies outlined above are subject to change at the discretion of [Company] and its Board of Directors.

We would appreciate receiving your acceptance or rejection of this offer as soon as possible. We will hold this offer open until [Date]. Further information on the terms and conditions of employment and the policies of the company are set forth in the [Company] Employee Handbook that will be provided to you. It is your responsibility to comply with the policies matters contained in the Employee Handbook.

In the event you have any questions regarding the content of this letter, the Agreements mentioned or the Employee Handbook, please bring them to the attention of your supervisor or [Name of designated HR, Legal or Management Staff Member] promptly.

[Name of Prospective Employee], we hope that you will accept this offer and look forward to a long and productive relationship with you. Please indicate your acceptance of the terms of this offer by signing and dating in the spaces provided below and returning the original letter to us. The copy of this letter is for your records.

Very truly yours,

[Company], Inc.

[Name of CEO or Hiring Manager]


Terms of Offer Accepted:

By: _______________________ Date ______________________

[Signature of Prospective Employee]

Writing a Job Offer Letter: Tips & Template

Writing a Job Offer Letter: Tips & Template

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