Invitation Letter

A friendly uses a lot of nuanced words that make an favorable impression to your reader. You letter should entice an everlasting memories that she/he would forever cherished.

Friendly invitation letters are used for variety of reasons from engagement parties, baby showers, sweet sixteens, housewarming parties, to wedding invitations.

Invitation letters are used as an alternative to traditional invitations. More information can be given as opposed to traditional forms invitation letters.

Invitation Letter Template:


We would like to warmly invite you to our special gathering   in the celebration of ____________________ [Reason of the event or party] on _________ [Date of the event or party]

The address of the venue where this event is taking place is _____________________ [Address of the venue].


Please make us feel honored with your presence.

R.S.V.P [____]


[Phone Number]


Thanking you,



[Name of the individuals organizing the event]

Invitation Letter

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