Letter of Condolence

Writing Letter
Letter of Condolence letters are terrific templates for your own use personal use.

The idea and the general flow of the letter is there to guide you through the steps of how a letter of condolence should look like. It is formatted in a way that complies with condolence standards etiquette.

The features they contain even though they are written for different circumstances. Generally, condolence letters are written as soon as you hear of a person’s loss.

Best send them before a funeral while they’re still in the initial phase of grief. If they are sent within the first 14 days it is quite acceptable.

Here are a few tips while writing you condolence letter.

  • Handwritten letters show dedication and true heartfelt effort.
  • Recognize the loss.
  • Communicate sympathy.
  • Mention the deceased by name.
  • Recall a favorite memory of the deceased or mention a unique quality they had.
  • Offer some kind help to condolence her pain.
  • End with a positive and encouraging sentiment.

Condolence Letter Template:

Dear Peter,

Please accept my condolences on the death of your [Name of Deceased].

(1) It was a shock to hear of her passing at such a young age. I know mere words may offer but little comfort at this tragic time, but know that my deepest feelings of sympathy lie with you and your family.

I’ve felt the pains of losing someone and this by any degree greater to anything I’ve experiences. In this case, I could only imagine what great bearing it must be for your one-of-a-kind heart.

My mom and dad asked me to also include their condolences.

(2) It seems like since we moved out of states we’ve lost touch a bit, but we always think of you all. Those summer days in the old neighborhood are full of cherished memories.

I remember the time we were swimming in your pool, and your mom served us ice cold lemonade on those float-able trays.

We thought we were so grown up! Little did she know that would set the pace for our future spring breaks! We’ll all miss Angela very much.

She was a wonderful neighbor and I know she was a great mother. You can see that in the successful children that she raised.

My dad’s going to give your dad a call in the next few days, so I’ll speak to you then. Please let the rest of your family know how sorry we are, and that we’ll be coming to the funeral.

We’ll be arriving a few days before, so I’ll come over and cook you a meal on the Tuesday night before the service. Until then, know that we’re thinking of you and praying for you constantly.

With deepest sympathies.

[Correspondent’s Signature(s)]

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